What options are open to you?

types of breast implants

In the UK implants come as either a silicone gel implant or a saline implant. Both these implants are surrounded by a firm, elastic silicone shell to help prevent rupturing of the implant, and both implants have a long history of safe use. Silicon implants are softer and more pliable than saline and feel more natural, so if you are looking for more natural breast implants then the silicon implant will be the implant for you. Different shapes of implant are also a big factor, including round implants, teardrop implants or anatomical implants.

Which are the best breast implants for you?

Breasts come in all different shapes and sizes and it’s one of the things that makes individual breasts so special. Depending on what you want there will be a perfect implant for you. Round implants give breasts lift, fullness and cleavage; women who wish for more fullness in the top part of the breast will usually consider round implants. However, some people feel that these implants do not look natural, so opt for the more organic looking teardrop shape. The teardrop creates a more natural look, with less fullness on top, while still adding fullness to the breast as a whole, complementing the breast’s natural shape. Anatomical implants are also an option, these implants are good for women who feel the shape of their breasts needs altering rather than merely enhancing, and can help with asymmetrical breasts These implants can be tailored to an individual’s desires and can really help the appearance of tubular breasts. The width of the implant, the height of the implant, and the depth of implant can all be varied with an anatomical implant. This provides a truly ‘3-Dimensional’ breast implant.

Choosing your surgeon

Knowing how you want to change your breasts is the first step in considering breast enhancement surgery. A good surgeon, such as Mr Andrea Marando, will help you decide which is the best kind of breast implants to achieve the look that you want. At the Star Clinic, Manchester, Mr Marando will talk you through all the different options and help you decide the best breast implants for you. Mr Marando has performed thousands of breast enhancement procedures; you can read testimonials on his website and also on realself.com.

To book your consultation now with Mr Andrea Marando please contact his team on 0371 705 4565.

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