There are lots of different opinions about the recovery process after a Breast Augmentation out there; most of these opinions change depending on variables such as work environment, health, lifestyle etc.

How long before you can go back to work?

breast augmentation recovery timetable

This is a very common question, and Mr Marando always advises it is better to be safe than sorry. Some people that have office jobs may be able to return to work after two weeks, but if your job involves strenuous physical exercise or lifting then it is best to wait up to six weeks.

What is the recovery timetable after a Breast Augmentation and what is normal?

Week One

Your breasts will feel sore and your movement will be restricted. You should sleep propped up with pillows and it is advised not to take a shower. Your surgeon may prescribe anti-biotics, and you should take paracetamol and ibuprofen for the pain. STRICTLY NO HEAVY LIFTING!

Week Two

Your surgeon should have you back for a follow-up consultation in week two post-operation. This is usually the last week that you will need to take anti-biotics. Mr Marando will give his patients rolls of tape for the scars, but you should usually let them breathe for one day a week until the tape runs out. You should still be sleeping propped up and on your back at this stage.

After One Month

You will find you are able to do a bit more lifting, but nothing too strenuous is advised. Your breasts may itch a bit but you shouldn’t have any bad pain anymore. Keep taking it easy.

After Two Months

Your breasts will still be sensitive and may be painful now and again, but it will be mild if any at all. You may see that your breasts have dropped slightly, which is normal.

After Three Months

You should now be able to sleep on your side if you want to quite comfortably. Mild pain is not uncommon to feel now-and-again at this stage, though.

You will feel like after three months you are completely back to normal, however a good surgeon will ensure that you are still in contact and everything is okay.

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