Large breasts in men, medically referred to as ‘gynaecomastia’, is often thought to occur due to obesity. Obesity is sometimes a cause that can result in ‘man boobs’, but it is definitely not the only cause.

Abnormal growth of glandular breast tissue

Just like women, men can develop larger breasts due to hormone imbalances, and experience an abnormal growth in the glandular tissue found in the breast area. If you use certain drugs, especially anabolic steroids, this can contribute to a hormonal imbalance that will cause gynaecomastia.

There are other reasons that men can develop large breasts, such as congenital abnormality (this is a problem from birth), sagging skin due to dramatic weight loss,cancer or liver failure, or sometimes excessive alcohol consumption.

Psychological issues in men with gynaecomastia

types of gynecomastia

If you are a man with breasts that appear to be larger than the norm, this can be very distressing. Most men that have gynaecomastia are embarrassed by the size of their breasts, and it becomes not only a physical, but also a psychological issue for many patients.

For men that are self-conscious or embarrassed by their ‘moobs’, seeking breast reduction surgery could be the answer.

Male breast reduction with Mr Andrea Marando

If you have gynaecomastia due to obesity, then Mr Marando may advise you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and a balanced diet before considering surgery.

If you are suitable for surgery, male reduction surgery is usually performed by making an incision around the nipple and using liposuction to remove the excess, fatty tissue. Extra cuts may be necessary if there is a lot of tissue to remove, and you will usually be under general anaesthetic during the procedure.

Male breast reduction surgery will often require an over-night stay in hospital, and a good surgeon such as Mr Marando will provide you with very comprehensive after-care and follow-up consultations post-procedure.


Mr Marando is a highly experienced and well-recommended plastic surgeon that sees his patients in Manchester. The first step to surgery is booking a consultation. Mr Marando’s team at the Star Clinic in Manchester will be happy to speak to you and arrange an initial consultation.

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