It seems only yesterday that the Christmas shopping was in full swing and we were all gearing up for the festivities of the holiday period. But now that time has come and gone without us even realising and 2016 is upon us. It is always this time of year when the concept of “New Year, New Me” creeps in as we start to reflect on our lives and the new chapter we are about to face. Year after year, the same New Year’s resolution cliches get tossed around; such as joining the gym, starting a diet or giving up smoking and drinking. Usually they get forgotten but perhaps this year is the year you finally make that change that you’ve always wanted to…

2016 could be your year for Cosmetic Surgery

Most resolutions tend to focus around body image and personal health, and so perhaps there is an aspect of your body that you want to change or improve. You may have been reluctant to consider cosmetic surgery in the past but with the right guidance and the right surgeon, this could be the perfect answer for you. Maybe it’s about time you took the plunge and lived for you and your happiness; make the changes that long for!

Breast Augmentation at Star Clinic, Manchester

Breast Augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure for women in the UK, and is the best procedure to increase the size of you breasts. There are numerous types of procedure concerning breast augmentation and it is vital that you choose the right one for your personal needs. This is something that you will discuss during the consultation process with Mr Andrea Marando at Star Clinic, Manchester.

You need to be willingly open and honest with Mr Marando in order to get the most out of the procedure and the highest quality care that is tailored to you. Do not shy away from asking any questions or sharing concerns that you may have, as Mr Marando and his team are there to help you.

Mr Andrea Marando

The importance of selecting a highly qualified and reputable surgeon is paramount as your health and well-being is in the balance. Manchester based surgeon, Mr Andrea Marando, is one of the leading plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the North West, highly respected specifically within breast augmentation processes, among others. Researching to find the ideal surgeon cannot be stressed enough.

As with any surgical procedure, it is a long process but the benefits are unending. So why not treat yourself to a late Christmas present and begin that journey towards a more fulfilled and happy life? Get those ‘boobs’ that you’ve always dreamt of, boost your confidence and start your 2016 with a bang!

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