Are you self-conscious about your nipples?

nipple reduction surgery

Nipples, like breasts, come in all shapes and sizes and although there is no right or wrong size for your nipples to be, a large nipple (or pair of nipples) may affect your relationship with your breasts overall. Large nipples can affect your self-esteem as they may affect how clothing falls on you; you may feel that your large nipples affect the overall attractiveness of your breasts or, for men, large nipples may make you feel un-masculine. These self-conscious issues affect your overall esteem and mental health. Nipple reduction procedures can help to boost your confidence.

What is involved with nipple reduction?

A nipple reduction procedure involves the resizing of the nipple or nipples to match your desires. This involves making tiny cuts in the nipple and removing small sections at a time. This procedure is relatively un-intrusive and depending on the changes being made, can be done under local or general anaesthetic. Most patients recover fully within 14 days with only minimal soreness and swelling, and as long as the recovery period is complication free, scarring should be minimal by 6-8 weeks. For men, large nipples often go along with gynaecomastia or “man boobs”, and nipple reduction surgery can often be performed during male breast reduction surgery.

Nipple Reduction with Mr Marando

Mr Andrea Marando is a highly experienced Manchester surgeon who operates mainly from the Star Clinic. Nipple reduction in Manchester will involve a consultation with Mr Marando, where he will help you decide how best to reduce your nipple, whether this be by length, width or volume and ask any questions that you may have about the procedure. Mr Marando will provide you with a comprehensive aftercare plan and a follow up appointment to check your healing process and make sure you get the nipples you need to boost your self esteem.

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Mr Marando is a highly experienced and recommended surgeon, and if you decide that nipple reduction surgery is right for you, then the first step towards your procedure would be to book an appointment with Mr Marando and his highly qualified team at The Star Clinic, Manchester. Click here to contact the team.

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