How do you know if you are a suitable candidate for body-contouring surgery? Mr Andrea Marando advises that body-contouring surgery is not necessarily suitable for every patient that has lost weight and even if it is needed, you may not need body-contouring procedures on your entire body. The benefits of body-contouring procedures are that they remove excess skin while at the same time improving the shape of the supporting, underlying tissue.

Why do you need Body Contouring Surgery?

At The Star Clinic in Manchester, we believe that if you are not happy with what you see in the mirror, you should change it. Body-contouring surgery is a group of procedures that are usually considered after a patient has experienced significant weight-loss and is left with sagging or drooping skin that has lost elasticity.

What are the surgical procedures used for Body Contouring?

Body–contouring or ‘body sculpting’ surgery with Mr Marando could include one or more of the following surgical procedures:

Breast Lift

This procedure would be used to correct sagging or flattened breasts.


If you suffer with excess, hanging skin over the abdomen then Mr Marando may advise ‘tummy tuck’ surgery.


After weight-loss or as a result of ageing we may suffer sagging of the mid-face, jowls and neck. A Facelift could correct these issues.

Arm Lift

If you have saggy upper arms or ‘bingo wings’, brachioplasty can be a good solution to correct this.

Thigh Lift

If your inner, outer or mid thighs are sagging then Mr Marando may suggest a Thigh Lift.

Lower Body Lift

Saggy buttocks, outer thighs, abdomen and groin can be rectified with a Lower Body Lift.

Surgery is an investment

affording surgery in manchester

Mr Andrea Marando advises that any type of surgery should be seen as an investment in yourself.

Body-contouring proceduresdon’t come cheap, and if you are scrimping on any aspect of surgery, it should certainly not be price. Make sure that you see a well qualified and experienced surgeon – quality of care is important!

To book a consultation with Mr Marando in London or Manchester please contact us at The Star Clinic.

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